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Fairy Princess  -  24" x 36"  Original Acrylic Painting

    This is a 24" x 36" Original Acrylic Painting entitled "Fairy Princess." Credits for the reference photo go to Bruce's daughter, professional photographer and therapist Natalie Burtenshaw. Bruce fell in love with the photo the moment that he first saw it.


    Burtenshaw painted the background slightly out of focus in order to bring this adorable little princess girl to the forefront of the painting. Her surprised gaze, colorful face paintings, pretend mystical wand, and the enchantment of her winged costume add to the magical feeling brought out by the painting. The transparent and shaded areas of her dress and the amount of detail in the background reveal Burtenshaw's extreme devotion to realism. 



    Burtenshaw painted the image on a 1-1/2" deep professional quality Ampersand Museum Series Gessobord cradled hardwood panel. Unlike canvas, these cradled boards are less susceptible to moisture, never sag or stretch, and can be hung framed or unframed. 


    Cradled wood panels are hardwood panels (1/8" thick), which are reinforced with hardwood strips (1-1/2" deep) adhered to the perimeter and centers on the back side of the panel. 


    Mahalo for your interest in Bruce's paintings!



Fairy Princess - 24" x 36" Original Acrylic Painting


    This Original Acrylic Painting comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, minus shipping costs. Allow 2 to 3 weeks delivery from Maui, Hawaii.

Note on Ordering Procedures:


    If any questions arise concerning the boxes above labeled "Size" and "Standard Wrapped or Gallery Wrapped" for prints  or "Framing Options" for originals, please see the images and descriptions  below.


    One option from each of the two boxes above must be selected in order to view a  correct image and a correct price.


    If considering ordering a frame, please see our "ABOUT FRAMES" page.


    Before we address the three steps, a bit of information may be helpful for many of our customers. For starters, this page is the painting's "product page." Every painting has its own product page. As stated above, the price and image shown at the top of each product page will change to reflect a correct price and image only after choosing both a size and a framing option. This price will also change each time a new size or framing option is selected.

    Secondly, it should be understood what a "stretcher bar frame" is. As its name implies, a stretcher bar frame is a frame made of four wooden "stretcher bars." Canvas prints are then "stretched" onto these frames. Stretcher bars come in many lengths (which determines the over-all size of the frame), but there are only a few standard depths for their outer side edges (not the width of their front faces); the most common being 3/4" standard depth and 1-1/2" deep depth stretcher bars.

Example of a

Stretcher Bar Frame:


(canvas prints are stretched and

stapled onto these wooden frames)

Stretcher bar frame.png

    Next, the difference between the two depths of artwork that we offer must be understood. As stated, depth refers to how deep the artwork is; in other words, how far the artwork will extend outward from the wall when hung. We offer both 3/4" standard depth and 1-1/2" deep depth artwork.

Examples of Various Depths

of Stretched Canvas Originals

and Canvas Giclee Prints:

4 depth sizes.jpg

Examples of Various Depths

of Cradled Original Paintings:


(cradled boards are 1/8" thick

Masonite panels backed by 

wooden frames for sturdiness)

ampersand gessobord.jpg

       All our originals are painted on either:

(a) - Canvas - stretched on a 3/4" standard depth stretcher bar frame

(b) - Cradled wood panels - backed by 3/4" standard depth wooden frames

(c) - Cradled wood panels - backed by 1-1/2" deep depth wooden frames


      Note: In order to determine which of the above three types of surface an   original painting was painted on, click on "Read more" (as seen above). Only pages describing original paintings will have this information.


       All our stretched canvas giclee prints are stretched on either:

(a) - 3/4" standard depth stretcher bar frames that are commonly referred to as "Standard Wrapped" prints.


(b) - 1-1/2" deep depth stretcher bar frames that are commonly referred to as  "Gallery Wrapped"