About the Artist

    Artist, entrepreneur, and jack of all trades Bruce Burtenshaw was born in the state of Washington in 1958, as the fifth of nine siblings. Bruce was surrounded by many artists in the family, including his mother, aunts and uncles, cousins, and sisters. At the age of 14, he carried forward the legacy of generations of artists and began selling his realistic drawings, including many detailed images of custom hot rod cars, which were literally indistinguishable from their photos.

    Burtenshaw excelled in art throughout many years of art classes in high school, but worried that selling artwork wouldn't pay the bills. Instead of pursuing his true passion as an artist, he followed his and his older brother's fascination for electronics and joined the Navy to learn electronics theory and repair.

   In 1979, Burtenshaw fell in love with Hawaii and Hawaiian artwork while stationed in Oahu, Hawaii as he served on the USS Rathburn as an electronics tech, where he maintained and repaired every piece of electronics on the ship. Bruce knew that he truly belonged in the Hawaiian Islands the very moment that he stepped off the plane in Honolulu.

    After leaving the Navy, Burtenshaw opened and operated several businesses, including Burtenshaw's TV and Electronics Repair, Burtenshaw's Auto Restoration and Paint, and Burtenshaw's Antique Furniture Refinishing. As if running three businesses at once wasn't enough of a challenge, Bruce simultaneously authored several books on the country's problems and their solutions, and purchased and remodeled many properties, where upon he became a landlord for over 20 families.

    During this time period, Bruce experienced the joy of visiting the Hawaiian Islands and the disappointment of returning home seven-teen times, each time  wishing he could keep that feeling. Amid each stay throughout the islands, he frequented all the art galleries and longed to become an artist in Hawaii. 


    Bruce began buying Hawaiian art, and found that it helped him to continue to nurture that feeling of peace and serenity in his everyday life when he had something beautiful to gaze into and remember all the quality time spent in Hawaii with family and newly discovered  friends.


    That's what Bruce wants to do for you: To help you take a piece of this Hawaiian love and contentment back home with you. Bruce has been painting for 45 years, and he is passionate about accurately capturing the gorgeous detail of this beautiful paradise. His dream is to create such a realistic painting that it instantly transports you back to your happiest moments whenever you view the painting.

    Burtenshaw is so impassioned with his artwork that he spends over 100 hours on each painting. Bruce begins the lengthy process of  layering and glazing by adding a wash of color, and then lightly sketches the image. Next, he under-paints the image, sometimes in black and white, and then adds many "crescendos" of color (gradual increases of color in transparent layers). Each layer adds depth and tonal value. Highlights and final glazing techniques then complete the painting, culminating in a piece of artwork that transports our  consciousness to a distant tranquil island paradise.

    Burtenshaw's Hawaiian themed original paintings and limited edition canvas giclee prints have been enjoyed by his patrons since 2006. Bruce invites you to share his journey as he reveals his passion for the Aloha Spirit of the Hawaiian Islands in his paintings.

    It took Bruce many years to decide to follow his passion and leave the safety  of everything he had built on the mainland to pursue his  real dream of painting scenery in Hawaii. He hopes that his art will inspire you to take that leap in your own life.

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