The following sections reveal additional information on framing options. Upon deciding to order a frame, the images, diagrams, and information below may assist in making an informed decision.  


    Hawaiian artist Bruce Burtenshaw has done his very best to alleviate  the hassle and worry of researching and ordering  frames that match his paintings. Bruce has spent countless hours searching numerous  framing websites, and believes that the frames he has located and chosen to endorse are superior to all others in quality and value!


    Burtenshaw does not profit in any manner whatsoever from suggesting or selling these frames except for pleasing his customers, and Bruce will do his very best to help his customers understand all available framing options! Please feel free to search for your own frames if desired; all originals and prints are available with or without frames.


  All frames are priced at our cost and made with a variety of high-quality woods here in the USA!




    Linen liners are wooden moldings covered with a thin linen cloth  and are used on framed canvas prints and paintings in place of mats.


    Linen liners are mounted between the frame and the artwork, and extend outward from underneath the frame's "lip." Lips of each  frame are shown on the far right side of each "Cross Section Diagram" below (see the "NOTE ON LINEN LINERS" section below for additional information on linen liners).

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     Originals painted on 1-1/2" deep depth Museum Series cradled hardwood panels and prints stretched on deep depth 1-1/2" stretcher bar frames are all designed to be hung with or without frames. If frames are desired for these pieces, two deep depth frames with linen liners (see the last two frames above) and seven deep depth floater frames* (shown below) are available for purchase under their framing options.


    *Floater frames provide a deep space, channel, or "moat" around the artwork--between the edges of the canvas and the frame--and can make it seem like the artwork is floating. This compliments the artwork by adding a stylish three-dimensional look and feel.

Example of a Floater Frame



    Unlike standard frames, where the artwork is mounted underneath the frame's inner lip, when using a floater frame, the artwork is mounted on top of the cut-out notch of the floater frame (as seen on the far right side of each cross section diagram).

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(disregard this section unless ordering a 1-1/2" deep depth stretched print that will be hung without a frame or hung with a floater frame)


    All our prints are museum wrapped. Museum wrapped refers to the technique of stretching a canvas print so that the image remains on the front surface of the stretcher bar frame. A solid color then wraps around the edges of the frame, such as white, black, or a predominant color in the painting. Burtenshaw prefers using a predominant color in the painting for a print's side edges such as the color of the ocean or sky.


    The solid color on the side edges of our museum wrapped canvas prints can be ordered as either:

(1) - White, or a predominant color in the painting as the solid color.


(2) - Black as the solid color for the side edges of the canvas print in order to compliment the black inside moat of the floater frame.


    Please request a custom side/edge color for any 1-1/2" deep depth print by adding a comment in the space provided in the "CONTACT" section of the main menu. Common colors include white, black, or a predominant color in the painting. 


    Burtenshaw will be more than happy to assist in recommending color options for the side edges of a desired print! If our customers do not request a specific color, Bruce will contact you with recommended color options


                                         NOTE ON LINEN LINERS: 


    All images of standard frames with linen liners throughout this website show frames with 1" wide linen liners. Customers may instead request wider linen liners in 2" or 3" widths.


    As the following images show, wider linen liners will increase the frame's height and width, thus increasing costs on both the liner and the frame. Examples of wider linen liners are as follows:

        1" Linen Liner                    2" Linen Liner                   3" Linen Liner               24" x 36" Print                   24" x 36" Print                   24" x 36" Print

       1" Linen Liner                          2" Linen Liner                         3" Linen Liner                40" x 30" Print                        40" x 30" Print                         40" x 30" Print

    In order to receive a quote for a desired wider linen liner, please submit a request on our "CONTACT" page. Please include information on the desired linen liner width, size of  print, and type of frame.


    Any frame may be ordered with any original or print on the website, as long as the artwork and frame are of the same depth; both are either 3/4" standard depth, or both are 1-1/2" deep depth. In order to request a specific frame that is not shown with the desired print, please send a special request on the "CONTACT" page to receive information and pricing.


    All frames will be shipped directly from our distributor on the mainland to the customer  in order to save our customers the cost of shipping the frame to Maui and back!


    Clips are included with the frames to easily clip our originals or stretched prints into the frame once the artwork arrives from Maui, Hawaii. Floater frames include four screws to attach the original or the stretched print to the frame (see floater frame cross section diagrams above to envision mounting stretched prints using the existing metal brackets and screws that are included with the frame).   


                                  NOTE ON FRAME WIDTHS


    The term "frame width" refers to the width of each of the four sections of wood that make up any frame. Common frame widths range anywhere from 1" to 4" widths. The length of each of these boards determines the size of the frame, such as a 24" x 36" frame.  


    Since the width of the wood used to build a particular type of frame is the same for smaller and larger framesit must be realized that the frame width of any type of frame will appear wider on smaller frames and narrower on larger frames.


       As an example: Both of the frames shown below were built using the same 1-1/2" wide wooden boards, and both have 1" linen liners, but the frame width appears wider on the smaller 24" x 16" framed print,  and the same exact frame width appears narrower on the larger 36" x 24" framed print.

 24" x 16" Size

 36" x 24" Size







Step #1:  Upon becoming interested in a specific painting, click on the painting's image. The painting's "product page" will appear. The price shown will change to reflect a correct price only after choosing both a size and a framing option! This price will also change each time a new size or framing option is selected.


Step #2:  Click on "Size" and select the desired size. For originals, only one size is available. For prints, sizes are available anywhere from a 12" x 16" to a 36" x 48" size print. 


Step #3:  Click on"Print Only or Stretcher Bar Frame Depth/ Frame" to view the various purchase options for prints, stretcher bar frame depths, and picture frames that we have chosen that match a specific painting. Click on each option to view an image of that option.


For Originals, choose either (a) or (b)

(a) - Order the original without a picture frame.


(b) - Order the original with one of the picture frames shown.


For Prints, choose either (a), (b), or (c): 

(a) - Order the print un-stretched. Save money on shipping and have a local frame shop stretch your print. Un-stretched canvas prints will be rolled up, bubble wrapped, and shipped in a 6" diameter tube. Once received, the unrolled canvas print will be in perfect condition!


    If choosing the un-stretched print option, choose one of these two options: either choose the print "to be stretched on 3/4" bars" option or choose the print "to be stretched on 1-1/2" bars" option. Why is this choice needed at this time?

    -- Canvas prints "to be stretched on 3/4" bars" by a framer in your area will come with an extra 2" canvas border  around their outer edges. This extra 2" border will  wrap  around the 3/4" deep side edges of the stretcher bar frame

    -- Canvas prints "to be stretched on 1-1/2" bars" will have an extra 3" outer border instead of an extra 2" border, since wrapping the canvas around a deep depth stretcher bar frame will require another inch of canvas (see note* below on side edge color choices if choosing the 1-1/2" deep depth option).


(b) - Order prints already stretched onto a stretcher bar frame. Choose either the "3/4" standard depth" stretcher bar frame option or the "1-1/2" deep depth" stretcher bar frame option (see note* below on side edge color choices if choosing the 1-1/2" deep depth option).


 (c) - Order a stretched print with one of the picture frames shown. Choose either a 3/4" standard depth stretcher bar frame option with a picture frame of choice or choose a 1-1/2" deep depth stretcher bar frame option with a picture frame of choice (see note* below on side edge color choices if choosing the 1-1/2" deep depth option).


Step #4: Click on add to cart. An estimated shipping cost will appear before submitting the order. If final shipping costs exceed our estimate by more than 10%, we will contact the buyer and the order will not be processed until the customer has given final approval of shipping costs (all shipping costs are priced at our cost).

    *Note: If our 1-1/2" deep depth stretched prints are hung with floater frames or without a picture frame, their outer side edges are meant to be visible. As such, their side edges come as a solid color that wraps around the side edges of their stretcher bar frames. See "COLOR OPTIONS FOR THE CANVAS OUTER SIDE EDGES OF OUR 1-1/2" DEEP DEPTH STRETCHED PRINTS" above to assist in choosing a side edge color.


 Mahalo for your interest in Burtenshaw's artwork!


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