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Welcome to our framing information page!


    The following sections reveal additional information on framing options. Upon deciding to order a frame, the images, diagrams, and information below may assist in making an informed decision.

    Hawaii artist Bruce Burtenshaw has done his very best to alleviate  the hassle and worry of researching and ordering  matching frames for his paintings. Bruce has spent countless hours searching numerous framing websites, and believes that the frames he has located and chosen to endorse are superior to all others in quality and value. 


    Burtenshaw does not profit in any manner whatsoever from suggesting or selling these frames except for pleasing his customers, and Bruce will do his very best to help his customers understand all available framing options. Please feel free to search for your own frames if desired; all originals and prints are available with or without frames.


  All frames are priced at our cost and made with a variety of high-

quality woods here in the USA!


    The term "frame width" refers to the width of the faces of the four wood sections that make up any frame. Common frame widths range anywhere from 1" to 4" widths. The length of each of these boards determines the size of the frame, such as a 24" x 36" frame.


    Since the width of the wood used to build a particular type of frame is the same for smaller and larger framesit must be realized that the frame width of any type of frame will appear wider on smaller framed prints and narrower on larger framed prints (when comparing the frame's width to the size of the print or painting).


    As an example: Both of the frames shown below were built using the same width wooden boards, and both have 1" wide white linen liners, but when comparing the width of the frame and its linen liner to the size of the print, the frame and its linen liner appear wider on the  smaller 24" x 16" framed print, and the same exact frame and its liner appear narrower on the larger 36" x 24" framed  print.


22.5x16 cw2 LN1WT Windsfr HD.jpg

 24" x 16" Size

33.5x24 cw2 LN1WT Windsfr HD.jpg

 36" x 24" Size


    All frames for our framed prints will be shipped directly from our distributor on the mainland to the customer  in order to save our customers the cost of shipping the frame to Maui and back. All framed originals will be shipped in their frames from Maui. 


    Clips are included with frames to easily clip our stretched prints into the frame once the artwork arrives from Maui, Hawaii. Floater frames include four screws to attach the stretched print to the frame (see information and descriptions on floater frames at the bottom of this page).


    All of the picture frames in this section can be used with standard depth stretched prints (prints stretched on 3/4" standard depth    stretcher bars). The last two frames in this section can also be used with deep depth gallery wrapped prints (prints stretched on 1-1/2" deep depth stretcher bars) and original paintings that are painted on 1-1/2" deep depth cradled boards.


    If these terms aren't completely understood, please take a moment and see the images and descriptions at the bottom of any painting's description page (to navigate there, click on any painting on any of our "OIL PAINTINGS" or "ACRYLIC PAINTINGS" pages).


    Linen liners are wooden moldings covered with a thin linen cloth and are used on framed canvas prints and paintings in place of  mats. These liners are mounted between the frame and the artwork and extend outward from underneath the frame's "lip."



    All images of traditional frames with linen liners throughout this website show frames with 1" wide linen liners. Customers may instead request wider linen liners in 2" or 3" widths.


    As the following images show, wider linen liners will increase the frame's height and width, thus increasing costs on both the liner and the frame. Examples of wider linen liners are as follows:

24x36 wvl3 LN1NT Nap Snrs HD.png

 1" Linen Liner   24" x 36" Print

24x36 wvl3 LN2NT Nap Snrs HD.png

 2" Linen Liner   24" x 36" Print

24x36 wvl3 LN3NT Nap Snrs HD.png

 3" Linen Liner   24" x 36" Print

40x30 cul6 LN1WT New Wave 25M HD.png

 1" Linen Liner   40" x 30" Print

40x30 cul6 LN2WT Wave HD.png

 2" Linen Liner   40" x 30" Print

40x30 cul6 LN3WT Wave HD.png

 3" Linen Liner   40" x 30" Print

    In order to receive a cost quote for a desired wider linen liner, please submit a request on our "CONTACT" page. Please include information on the desired linen liner width, size of  print, and the name of the frame (a frame name such as Brown Spice, Mahogany, Mahogany Burl, or Sapphire Blue).





    Floater frames provide a deep space, channel, or "moat" around the artwork--between the edges of the canvas and the frame--and can make it seem like the artwork is floating. This compliments the artwork by adding a stylish three-dimensional look and feel.



    Originals that are painted on 1-1/2" deep depth cradled hard-wood panels, and gallery wrapped prints that are stretched on deep depth 1-1/2" stretcher bar frames are all designed to be hung with or without frames (once again, if unfamiliar with any of these terms, please click on any painting on any "ACRYLIC  PAINTINGS" or "OIL  PAINTINGS" page and view the images and descriptions at the bottom of the page).


    If frames are desired for these originals and prints, two deep depth frames with linen liners (see frames with linen liner  section above) and seven deep depth floater frames (shown next) are available for purchase.

Floater Frame Cropped.png

Example of a Floater Frame:

OUR CHOICES OF 1-1/2" Deep Depth



 Mahalo for your interest in Burtenshaw's artwork!


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