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Aloha! Welcome to Burtenshaw Gallery!

    Hawaii is an enchanting tropical paradise unlike any other place in the world. From its weather, white sandy beaches, steep valleys and majestic towering mountains, to its quaint tourist towns, there is something for everyone.


    On these isolated islands, you experience the peace and serenity of being able to just relax and be yourself for a while. You feel renewed and a sense of what's truly important in life — the love and connections all around you. That's the "Aloha Spirit" of the islands. And that's what Burtenshaw's paintings are all about: Bringing the Aloha Spirit back home with you.     


   Burtenshaw's passion for the Hawaiian islands shows in his realistic paintings. He captures the magnificent beauty of Hawaii's vibrant seascapes, colorful sunsets, inspiring sunrises, and glowing moonlit scenes that grip the imagination!

Windsurfers Picture my paintings 5  005

    "I can't believe these are paintings! They look like photographs!" This is an exact statement made by countless art lovers and many premier artists in Hawaii upon seeing Burtenshaw's paintings and prints.


    Hawaii artist Bruce Burtenshaw has never offered any artwork for sale except originals and limited edition prints. "Open end" reproductions of his artwork don't exist. Open end prints are reproduction prints that can be produced in any quantity. They  are less desirable and  unlikely to increase in value.


    Limited edition prints have a predetermined number of prints that cannot be exceeded, and they increase in value over time. Unlike open end edition prints, once a  limited edition series of one of Burtenshaw's paintings is sold out, prints of that painting will never be available again.


    Most limited edition prints are priced at several times the cost of open end editions. Burtenshaw breaks this tradition by selling his limited edition prints for the same price that artists sell open end prints. He believes in the adage, "It's better to make three nickels than one dime." 


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