This is a 20" x 28" Original Acrylic Painting entitled "Ho'okipa Windsurfers." It was painted from a vintage photo with permission from Maui based world-famous professional photographer Ron Dahlquist, who captured these windsurfers patiently awaiting big waves at world-renowned Ho'okipa Beach Park near Paia, Maui, proclaimed as the “Windsurf Capital of the World.”


    Many premier artists in Maui have seen this painting, including Christian Lassen and Roy Tabora, who's Hawaiian themed paintings sell for well over $100,000 each. Every one of them stated the exact same comment, stating, "I can't believe that's a painting! It looks like a photograph!" Every element of this painting screams realism, from the reflections and colors of the ocean, to the silhouetted windsurfers and shadows cast onto the sails!



    Burtenshaw's technique of preparing a working surface for his acrylic paintings is very meticulous. He first takes a 1/8" thick Crescent hot-press archival panel made of acid-free 100% cotton that was designed to last hundreds of years, and he applies many thin coats of gesso (a compound of plaster of Paris and glue), sanding each coat perfectly smooth before applying the next coat.


    Burtenshaw then mounts this panel onto a 1/8" thick Masonite harboard panel, which is backed by a frame made of 3/4" deep pieces of select pine. This painting's surface and its framework were built to endure the sands of time!


    Mahalo for your interest in Bruce's paintings!


Ho'okipa Windsurfers - 20" x 28" Original Acrylic Painting

Stretcher Bar Frame Depth / Frames

    This Original Acrylic Painting comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, minus shipping costs. Allow two weeks for shipping from Maui, Hawaii; three weeks if ordering the painting with the frame shown.

              Note on print                             pricing only:


    The price shown will change upon selecting different print sizes, a deeper stretcher bar depth, or by adding a frame.

    Also, please see note below concerning outer frame widths!


Example of Floater Frame

   Note on outer frame widths (for framed prints only):


    The outer frame width of a chosen frame will be the same width for all sizes of framed prints, regardless of the print size chosen.


    As such, in real life, the outer frame width of a chose frame will appear wider on smaller prints and narrower on larger prints.


                                   As an example:

 24" x 16" Size

 36" x 24" Size

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