This is a 24" x 36" Original Oil Painting on Canvas entitled "Napali Moonlight." The moonlit turquoise ocean draws you into the foreground, and both the receding cloud banks and diminishing mountains push you into the distance. High winds rustle the palm branches, elongate the clouds, and forge the waves that have eroded these lava rocks for thousands of years!


    The word Napali (or Na Pali) means "many cliffs" in Hawaiian. Spanning 16 miles along Kauai's northwest coast, Napali Coast's emerald mountains, secluded beaches, plummeting waterfalls, and turquoise sea are heaven on earth. Dubbed as Kauai’s crown jewel, the Napali Coast is considered one of the most breathtaking stretches of coastline in the entire world! 



    This Original Oil Painting on Canvas is stretched on a 3/4" deep stretcher bar frame, and is intended to be framed. The canvas side edges of the stretcher bar frame are not painted. You may purchase the painting with the custom frame shown, or may choose to order your own frame.


    If you order your own frame, we would highly recommend a custom built frame from Their frames are made in the USA, reasonably priced, and very stylish. We don't profit in any manner from this recommendation except for satisfying our customers.


    Mahalo for your interest in Burtenshaw's paintings!


Napali Moonlight - 24" x 36" Original Oil Painting

Stretcher Bar Frame Depth / Frames

    This Original Oil Painting comes with a 14 day money back guarantee, minus shipping costs. Allow two weeks for shipping from Maui, Hawaii; three weeks if ordering the painting with the frame shown.

              Note on print                             pricing only:


    The price shown will change upon selecting different print sizes, a deeper stretcher bar depth, or by adding a frame.

    Also, please see note below concerning outer frame widths!


Example of Floater Frame

   Note on outer frame widths (for framed prints only):


    The outer frame width of a chosen frame will be the same width for all sizes of framed prints, regardless of the print size chosen.


    As such, in real life, the outer frame width of a chose frame will appear wider on smaller prints and narrower on larger prints.


                                   As an example:

 24" x 16" Size

 36" x 24" Size

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