About the Artist

    Entrepreneur and jack of all trades Bruce Burtenshaw fell in love with the Hawaiian Islands in 1979 while he was stationed in Oahu, Hawaii as he served on the USS Rathburn as an electronics repair technician. He maintained and repaired every piece of electronics on the ship, specializing in both satellite communication systems and the ship's radar equipment.


    After leaving the Navy, he returned to his home town of Idaho Falls, Idaho, where he opened Burtenshaw's TV and Electronics Repair. During the 33 year period that he ran his repair shop, he also opened and operated Burtenshaw's Auto Restoration and Paint and Burtenshaw's Antique Furniture Refinishing. He simultaneously purchased over $2 million in rental properties using Carleton H. Sheet's "no down payment" investment stratagies, and became a landlord for over twenty families at once at his properties.


    From 2006 to 2011, after researching many subjects from healthcare to environmental issues and climate change for many years, Burtenshaw wrote several published books on the country's problems and their solutions. He had also learned all aspects of remodeling, carpentry, structural design, electrical wiring, roofing, plumbing, accounting, management skills, auto body, auto paint and restoration, and auto mechanics.


    In 2006, Burtenshaw taught himself how to paint in acrylic, and later became self-taught in oils. Due to his passion for Hawaiian artwork, almost all of his paintings are based on Hawaiian themes. He was a natural artist during the many years that he took art classes in high school, but wrongly believed that being an artist wouldn't pay the bills. He has since changed his outlook, since his closest competitor in high school went on to become a multimillionaire artist at an early age.


    The Burtenshaw family vacationed throughout the Hawaiian Islands seventeen times before finally making the move to Maui in order to fulfill his lifelong dream of painting Hawaiian scenery in Hawaii. Bruce and his wife Kim have now lived in several areas of Maui, including Kihei, Waihee, and now on the cooler gentle slopes of Mt. Haleakula in Haiku, Maui.


    Of the many lessons that life teaches us all, one struck hard with Bruce. Taking the safe road in life may not make you happy. He learned that people should take a risk and follow their true dreams. Bruce is now living his true dream of painting and selling Hawaiian artwork in Maui, Hawaii!


    Bruce invites you to share his journey as he puts his passion for the Aloha Spirit of  the Hawaiian Islands into his paintings! Mahalo for your interest in his artwork!

  Burtenshaw Gallery of Fine Art

                                        199 Kapuai Road

 Haiku, Maui, Hawaii 96708